Postcode Check NL

Postcode Check NL ensures that your address directory is filled correctly, unambiguously and automatically.

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  • Automatically complete address details
  • Unambiguous zip code data
  • BAG database


Every field that can be saved in a form is a win, but every field that is entered incorrectly can have major (financial) consequences. With the Postcode Check NL you ensure that your address file is filled correctly, unambiguously and automatically.

When you enter your postcode and house number, the app will automatically add the street and city name. The information that is used comes from the BAG database (Basic Registrations Addresses and Buildings). This database is continuously updated to minimize the margin of error and keep new postal codes up-to-date.


Amount per month – per account – excl. VAT

Checks per month Price
0-10 Free
11-50 € 10
51-100 € 20
101-200 € 30
201-350 € 40
351-600 € 50
601-1.000 € 60
1.001-2.000 € 70
2.001 and more € 99


Installation instructions

Click here for the installation instructions